Date Me Like You Mean It by R.S. Grey






Sexual tension anyone? Friends to lovers, with a splash of angsty heart wrenching WHYYYYYYY thrown in…yep, classic R.S. Grey and I loved it. Friends, roommates, in-laws of sorts, but soulmates? It wouldn’t seem so, just unrequited love until one fake answer leads to another situation, that leads to…you get the picture. Timing, it isn’t always on this couples side, but one thing that is banter, friendship and hijinx, if only straight up communication was on the docket, but then we wouldn’t get all the TENSION. And I for one, live for that shit. Cute, easy to read, heart in your throat, want for them all to see the fine print, story of love born out of friendship and how fragile it can be. Another hit for Ms. Grey. Totally enjoyed it. xo

Written by: unrulygirl

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