Deal With The Devil by Meghan March

I am freaking the fuck out. I never thought Ms. March could top Lucas FN Titan, she came close with Mount but then…JERICHO FORGE Prowled his way in and took OVER! Completely owning me from the first page. My very favorite Meghan March book is now officially Deal With The Devil. It is everything. Indy and Forge are explosive. Strong willed, stubborn, yet they have a fierce sexual tension that has you buzzing with anticipation…want and to just get MORE. Explosive. Both characters have survived and have hard edges, but you get glimpses of softness that have you swooning for days and connecting completely. This was a perfectly executed book one, blowing my reader mind. I’m fucking done…spent, sated and yet so so ready for the next book. Invested doesn’t even cover it!! LOVED IT!!

Written by: unrulygirl

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