Denouement by Cassia Brightmore

I literally just closed my kindle after reading this book. My mind is a jumbled mess, I am at a loss of words but I just experienced a book.. You know when you are reading a great thriller and it is playing in your head like a movie? That. Just. Happened.

I want to start this stringing of words that I have (also known as a review, hopefully) with YOU. MUST. READ. ALL. BOOKS. IN. ORDER. This book will be a total cluster fuck if you haven’t experienced the books in order. Having loved Malevolent and been meh about Evanesce, it all comes to a head in Denouement, all the stories crash into one and it makes everything that happened in Evanesce make sense. I may need to go back and alter my review for that one.

Lives intertwine, memories come back, pasts rise up from the darkness, and all the while taking you the reader on a most fucked up entertaining journey of WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK? While reading you almost need a playbook of sorts to keep everyone in order. I don’t want to say too much…but I will say this. This book is thrilling, brutal, with moments of love/lust, and a story line that you have to actually immerse yourself in to get it all. Reading about it, doesn’t capture the full mystery that is the Darkness Series. And that ending? Ms. Brightmore does it again. I think she gets a kick out of torturing us…

Written by: unrulygirl

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