Destructive by Jay McLean

TICK…TOCK…It’s GO time

Some romances are imminent, you open the book and you know how it will play out, this is not that love story. These souls are battered, they have seen the worst of people and done the worst of things, but they rise. They fall. They love. Hard. I can’t properly articulate my absolute adoration for this one. Destructive is a hardened glance at not giving up, of not surrendering to the bad, and to always deserving the more. Although not an easy story to read at times it shook me to my core, it was more than worth it. SO FN WORTH IT.

This is a romance that is worked for, not handed to you lightly. The players are damaged, their hearts demolished but at the end of the day they love, fight, and win. Family. Love. Loyalty, Protection. All layers of armor in the world Nate has created. All that matters at the end is her. And he will do whatever it takes for her to live a full life outside the walls he once held her in. Whatever the cost. The heart stops, the stomach drops, and life moves on. Beautifully. One of my very favorite stories from Jay. The writing you have come to love with a darkened twist that she easily navigated. Playing my heart like an instrument, leaving me breathless, destroyed, and yet satisfied. How? The magic of Jay McLean. And so worth the wait….  

Written by: unrulygirl

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