Drive by Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart is an absolute MUST READ author for me…it’s hard to put into words what her books do to me. But because I am a blogger/reviewer I have to figure this shit out and try…

Here we go:

1) She grabs me from the prologue to make me not only want more but NEED more. A burning desire to figure out what will happen and follow the journey to get there with rapt love and pure attention to detail. Hoping upon all else that I don’t miss one word of the epicness that will be coming my way.

2) Having twists along the way that make you second guess even what you thought you may have wanted. Falling in love with more than one person, wanting the best for everyone and secretly holding hope that it follows the way you as a reader want it go. But also trusting that Ms. Stewart knows what she is doing and will bring all the characters to their destiny.

3) Being so damn addicted that you risk tears IN PUBLIC to continue reading as you wait in line to renew your vehicle registration. She has also had me cry while sneak reading in line at the bank. The BANK people. I mean I do tear up there when I see my balance every once in awhile, but that’s a different story..

4) Heart palpation’s, the fluttering of first love butterflies, the knot that builds in your stomach and can literally choke you as you hope and feel for fictional characters, the absolute connection of reality to fiction in where you find yourself lost in someone’s else’s world and can’t even apologize for ignoring everyone and everything else.

5) And finally the music. My two absolute addictions are reading words and listening to words. Music and reading. She blends them perfectly, reminding us that everyone’s life is a soundtrack and sometimes hearing those songs brings you back so quickly you are truly transported. Sounds of life, harmonies of the soul. Perfectly done.

This book was EPIC. Although it started a tad slow, the build ends up being part of connecting unconditionally with everyone involved and taking stock in how the entire thing will play out. I LOVED this book.

Written by: unrulygirl

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