Eastern Lights by Brittainy Cherry

This book…I freaking could not put it down. I loved it SO SO much. Brittainy Cherry is masterful of not only connecting and engaging readers to a journey but she completely envelops us in the web that is their life. Fiction? I don’t believe it. LOL I love Connor and Aaliyah more than I can describe in this review. Their meet cute? Pure perfection. In a short span of time I wanted more for these two than I can even describe. Aaliyah was desperate to belong…to love, to be loved, to be cherished…so much so that she could make something great out of something so below par. Until Connor. Swoooon. Connor is pure book boyfriend PERFECTION. I loved everything about him. Even when he bumped his head and made the wrong move…I adored him. Read this book. It will burrow into your heart and make you yearn for more. Can’t wait to see Damian find his person. Until next time…xo

Written by: unrulygirl

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