EgoManiac by Vi Keeland

I love Vi Keeland books. Having read each and every word she has deemed important enough to write, has made me a fan. But these last couple of books has made me a SUPER fan. Her words resonate with me on a whole other level. The banter and wit that these two share and bounce back and forth had me connected with them and the story from the very beginning…a love story that starts with being caught breaking and entering with your pants down. How can that go wrong?

The sass that Emerie radiates, and the ego that pulses through Drew make for a sexual tension that you could feel emanating from the kindle pages. The story takes you from the present to pieces of the past that make you understand the how and why of Drew Jagger. The friendships, loyalty and heart of a father is what makes him tick…the actions and words out of his mouth act as his armor.

Needing to feel something other than resentment, anger and regret…enter Emerie and her positive outlook on life and love. Her strength in not only her beliefs but her upbringing, bring a sense of understanding and peace that calms and inevitably can heal. Wrong doings can take a lifetime to undo, but the love a good, strong, positive woman can be the light that changes everything. I loved this story, I giggled, swooned, had the heartstrings pulled and over all fell in love with both characters.

Written by: unrulygirl

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