Enemies by Tijan

Tijan does it again. A heart felt, sports romance with twists and turns that keep you an absolute slave to your kindle. Work? Ahhh no can do, I have to read about STONE FN REEVES, please and thank you. Angst, life time friendships, mistakes, innuendos, and a bond that can’t be destroyed through all that life throws at them. 

Having read every book from Tijan I am still completly blown away with how I connect with her characters. They jump out of the story in such a way, I swear I know them…like we’re friends. I absolutely adored this story and as always can’t wait for more from Tijan. I am addicted. Captivating, angsty, tear filled awesomeness that I am re-reading now.

Written by: unrulygirl

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