Entice by Rachel Van Dyken

We all have it, that series or book that sits on our Kindle that we really want to read and just haven’t yet…this series was one of mine…Having already enjoyed books by this author and seeing that friends of mine were totally taken by this series I was excited to dive in…and dive in I did!
From the first book I was hooked, the asshole..popular, darkly sinister bad boy, his hot side-kick and band of equally bad ass misfits.  Trace and her snark and willingness to stick out the most humiliating of circumstances with head held as high as she could hold it.  Strong females that don’t put up with shit, that find instant bonds of friendship.  A mystery surrounding them all that you can’t wait to peel the layers away to find out exactly what the fuck is going on…all recipes for a great read!
“Entice: To attract or tempt by offering pleasure or advantage. Origin: Middle English, possibly from set on fire.” 
 This installment of the series was indeed my favorite.  For me, it really showcased the best that each of these “characters” had in themselves.  The protective love that each held for their true soul-mate, the friendships that survived bumps and twists that would normally end the connection. Mil was strong, a survivor that found the “who” she knew would save her and keep her safe, and kept it.  Chase finally found what he had forgotten, he had always needed; HER to protect, to love and to KEEP…

The POV of the character lets you in on the background of their particular story without drowning you in the past.  Just giving you enough of a taste that you can empathize with each person individually, and fall in love with what they may not show everyone else. 

I can’t wait for the next book, to learn more about Tex and Mo and get to the bottom of their tumultuous alliance. 



Written by: unrulygirl

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