Epoch by Jewel E. Ann

**Epoch book two in the Transcend Duet by Jewel E. Ann. Not a standalone, Transcend must be read first. Epoch picks up right where we were left in book one**


I finished this book about five days ago…I’m still reeling. It’s the kind of story that continually calls to me…so much so that I have re-read it cover to cover, while also returning to the last 30-35% of the story too many times to count. Putting aside the fact that this duet completely consumed me and my thoughts, my other dilemma is being able to try to articulate how powerful this story is while not giving anything away. I had my ONE person through out these two books and I never wavered. It never crossed my mind to feel everyone was fair game. But at times in this story I HATED people, possibly even Ms. Jewel E Ann herself. I was over half way in and wanted to quit it all. That’s when I sat back, took a deep breath, and gently said to myself…”well played Ms. Ann, well played”. You don’t feel all these deep rooted, intense wants and dislikes in just any story…you feel it in an epic story. And this my friends is EPIC..(which by the way is how Epoch is pronounced?)

“I’ve been loved by two men, neither feeling they were the worthy one, when the truth is I’m the one not worthy of this kind of love from them.”

Being a fan of this author and having devoured every word she has written, I knew I had to trust her…but it wasn’t easy. What is was…totally WORTH it. Every book I read from this author I think WOW she has totally out done herself. It must be rough to have to reset the bar every time you release a new story, but I am so glad I am here to witness it all. This story will transcend what you believe or don’t believe, what can be a possible and what is just known. A beautiful tale of love lost, love found, family made, and minds blown. The word love doesn’t seem to full encompass how much not only did I enjoy the Transcend Duet, but how it stayed with me and will forever.

Written by: unrulygirl

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