Faking It by J.D. Hollyfield

I love that feeling when you read a book and the female lead is so much like the author that you feel you are having a happy hour date with her as you read the story. Ms. Hollyfield writes like she lives and I love it. Her humor, loyalty, alcoholism all float off the pages as if she were hosting a read a long at a local wine tasting venue. Her characters exude charm, wit and a likability that connects you to the story right from the beginning.

Lexi is floating in a vodka haze through life..things are handed to her and she makes the best out of situations that are presented..like posing for a hot ass artist. Their meet was awesome and sets the scene for all the shenanigans that will eventually play out..Hunter has been burned in the past and built walls to protect himself, but one look at a similar lost soul in the bar of a hotel and he was done for. His muse lives.

Once these two stop faking their way through life, they are able to be real and set the path to living a life they both want and deserve. Love this author, love this story and absolutely adore every post she writes. I am a fan/stalker for life.   

Written by: unrulygirl

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