Falling by E.K. Blair

  Finding love where once only was a horrible tragedy is the light of this story.  Losing who you are as a person, to finding yourself through the eyes of someone that loves ALL of you unconditionally.  Both characters having lived through different tragedies, still found their true selves through each other.. 

E.K Blair you can write..you can evoke so many emotions with a simple sentence..I am not usually one to cry whilst reading and in all honesty I teared up twice..I know right? That good..

Ryan was a broken soul, meandering from one vagina to the next.  Not even taking the time to remember some of their names.  He used women to numb his ever-racing mind.  His mind that was stuck on re-play of the childhood he had to endure.  Every step was a brief reminder of the man he refused to become.  Growing up in an abusive household definitely molded the man he had become.  Until one night, one broken girl, a tattoo and a memory that he could not shake.

Candace had goals..she was a ballerina that wanted desperately for her parents to accept her.  She was willing to try and become anything for their approval.  Because of just that she unexpectedly found herself in a situation no young girl should ever have to experience.  Her life as she knew ended that fateful night..
Little did she know that night also changed the path for Ryan..and their stories were intertwined forever..

This story was powerful, for me it was even better than the first book.  Maybe because Ryan was the pull for me in book one?  Candace was not my favorite female lead, I hate to judge a woman’s reaction to this kind of horrible event but being a strong survivor I feel she was weaker than I would like to see.  This story focused on Ryan’s side so you didn’t see her weaknesses as much as in the first book.  That being said I did like Candace, definitely not hating on her..Ryan though..mmmm  


Written by: unrulygirl

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