Fighting Solitude by Aly Martinez

I was petrified to dive into this book. Having had my heart broken in the end of book two, I was so unsure of how Quarry could get his happily ever after. Well…I should have known not to doubt the power of Aly Martinez. Silly f-n me..lesson learned.

I’ve read and loved all of the Page brothers, after every book is done I deem that my new book boyfriend. I didn’t think I would love anyone more than Till, then I met Flint..but then there was Quarry and now he tops them all. Let’s not forget about the women, the reason that you fall hard for these boys is the love, devotion and overall protection they have towards these strong, independent, hilarious women.

I know there are readers out there like me; afraid to read this story. I implore you to not let your fear stop you from embarking on this journey. He truly loved her first. Friendships, hearts and soulmates are made. A beautifully told love story with more feels than you can shake a damn stick at. READ THIS BOOK. You will not be let down!

Written by: unrulygirl

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