Fighting To Breathe by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Sometimes in life all we need is to curl up somewhere comfortable, grab a glass of wine and dive into a book you know you’re going to love. Ms. Reynolds is able to make this happen for me time and time again. Austin and Lea’s story is one that has long stayed with me after the kindle refused to swipe…not for lack of trying because I wanted MORE.

A love story that began when they were kids, events made the story shorter than either wanted, and a life winding down brings it back to the fore-front. Hard to swallow at times, painful to watch, but the beauty of a true love is knowing that the foundation of it is always there, you just have to remember the strength of it and trust it will support the weight of the past..

I loved Austin, even when I wanted to punch him upside his bearded jaw, he held my heart. Wanting him to let go of the hurt and be able to see into his future, you rally behind him and cheer with every growl he makes. Lea was broken, scared and allowed her fear to lead her into a life she never wanted, truly lived or thrived in. She was waiting for it to all fall apart so perhaps she could finally lead the life she had started all those years before.

Heartbreaking, inspiring, first love at it’s finest. Ms. Reynolds does it again…

Written by: unrulygirl

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