Finding Kat by Elizabeth McMahen

3.5-4 “It” Couple Stars

 What happens when you take America’s Sweetheart and throw the tattooed bad boy rock star right into her path? Sparks a-flying, and a romance no one saw coming..paparazzi evasion, stalking to get where Kat may be…all this from the a bad boy that just wants to settle down and feel what real life can bring him, having lived the rockstar life already.
Kat has long been a fan of Cade’s and when the chance for her to go to his concert comes up..she is quick to go and try to blend in with the others.  Being noticed is a way of life but she is never one to inform anyone of being the “it” girl of the moment.  Having lived in the lifestyle for so long, she craves any sort of “normal” she can find.  Her momanger is a stage mama to the 100thdegree and always thinking about her career before her well-being. Finding someone that loves her for just her hasn’t been easy, not even in her own family.
Kat and Cade embark on a journey to find not only love but a peace amongst the craziness of the business.  Their normal is unlike most and dangerous roadblocks seem to pop up all around these crazy kids…enjoyed this sweet debut novel and look forward to the next installment.
Written by: unrulygirl

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