Forked by Melanie Harlow

First love…everyone will have one…and no matter if they are earned or deserved the imprints it leaves on your heart are permanent. Sometimes so permanent that you can’t rid them and the only way to heal them is to revisit the person that scarred you in the first place.
Love/Hate is such a fine line…in one minute you think you everything you want is in a Vegas hotel room and the next you are alone, abandoned and pissed.  Even years apart couldn’t dampen the hate fire within, so when fate leads Coco back to the igniter of her flame; all things are going to ignite and she is completely forked!
Cute love story that has a second chance at first love…doesn’t everyone have the moment or person in their past that would benefit from a “what if?” re-do?  
Written by: unrulygirl

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