Fueled by K. Bromberg

I am not only bent..I am broken.. Why?  I WANT MORE!  This series is so amazing that with every word read, I sink deeper and deeper into the connection between Rylee and Colton.  Every dark emotion and just when the light starts to shine in through the darkness..lights out!  The End!!  Enter stalking like a crazy person..don’t be frightened Ms. Bromberg I come in love!

Colton and Rylee’s story continues with both of them trudging through their fears, doubts and misgivings and trying to find their Happy Ever After.  Not being with one another is not an option for either.  The way lyrics are brought into the story only enhances it for me..and P!NK? Forget about it, you just can’t get better than that.

Colton is a hot, possessive and broken man that when all is said and done is all I need/want in my male lead.  A man that will fight his own demons to achieve the ultimate..his woman..his Rylee! In all honesty I make the name Rylee become Dawn throughout the book..strange to some but totally necessary for my well-being!

Everything about this story was perfect for me, even the ending.  Left wanting more, in away just keeps the love of these two shining brighter and I for one can’t wait..One of my favorite series of all time..please write faster!

Written by: unrulygirl

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