Fumbled Hearts by Meagan Brandy


I have not been instructed to read a book by Tara for awhile. But when I got the message to read this one, I heard the giddy love-fest in her voice..Her voice people. You might not know this but giddy + Tara aren’t usually something you use in the same sentence. But alas, giddy it was. I have never been one to not read a book that is highly recommended by my girl so I clicked and dove in.

This book to me was the best that high school romance has to deliver. It is along the lines of a Tijan story, mixed with the snark of Jillian Dodd’s Keaton Chronicles and the exclusive element of Erin Watt’s Paper Princess. The absolute addicting quality of young love with everything you love to hate and hate to love. By the first page I was all in. And to my surprise (although I LOVED Nate) I fell the hardest for Kalani. Her strength, nick names, independence, honesty, and realness drew me to her quickly. I wanted her to see the real that was penetrating her steel structured walls and fall as hard as everyone in town had fallen for her. Wanting for fictional characters is not a new feeling for me, but what did surprise me was a debut author brought this out…Meagan Brandy caught me off guard with the connections I felt to every character she introduced. Making me crave more. I want every person’s story. NOW.

Nate was all the things I love in a young, hot blooded male lead. Possessive, eager, driven, smoking hot and athletic. But some things that he had yet to show until Kalani brought out his intuitive, caring, loving, romantic and completely smitten side. As always there has to be the class bea-otch and this one was a dooooozy. Angst, heart, and all things Hero. I am so ready for MORE. So glad this new story was brought to my attention.

Written by: unrulygirl

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