Give Me Yesterday by K. Webster and Elle Christensen

This book starts with sweetness, flowers, gumdrops and then BAM..reality slams you in the face and you know you are in for an emotional ride. Beginning in the past, fast-forwarding to the future. A young, optimistic girl becomes a hardened, lonely adult. When a professional matter becomes personal she is forced to deal with a past she isn’t ready to face.

Paint colors, denial and a face Chase can’t escape, he finds something worth fighting for in the broken woman that is attempting to slip under life’s radar. He connects with Tori, and starts to break down the walls that she erected so many years ago. Slight changes in both of them offer a life they can possibly capture. Chase and Tori have been barely existing, putting up pretenses that only they can uncover. Can these two fight their demons, or will the past be the only thing they can’t face together?

Emotionally charged, with humor, friendships, and writing that forms to your heart and keeps you invested until the words “the end” sadly appear. These two authors need to come together again and again. They make magic happen.

Written by: unrulygirl

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