Giving In by M.R. Joseph

You know the saying “too many books, not enough time” is SO true when you get a recommendation of a book, you may have never heard ofand you fucking love it!  That is what happened with this story.  A simple question posted on our Facebook page, an author chiming in with you may like thisa one-click at Amazon and what happens?  Magic, that stomach swirling butterflies gotcha going, “will they ever stop antagonizing each other?”, will they won’t they pull that keeps you coming back for more and has you devouring a book in a few short hours.  These are the moments that romance junkies like myself live forthe gamble and the payout and for me this one hit the jackpot!

You start with a bar bathroom romp, not the usual for sweet Harlow but an everyday occurrence for man-whore Cruz.  A little side-bar moment herethe lead boy slut in this story was called Cruz, and this is my 18 year old son’s nametook some clever mind tricks to keep that fact straight whilst reading this okay continuing on  Even though this started as a one-time, never gonna see ya again, I can’t believe I just did this momentthere was still that connection, and as a reader you felt it.
 Fast-forward and fate brings these two together againlove at first sight?  Hells no, but enough friction and sexual tension that you knew once they figured out all their shit, they could do great things together.  Their friendship and growth as individuals and together was an amazing journey to be a part of.  Cruz goes from being an immature, “stick your wick in anything”, not sure where he is headed kind of boy, to a manHarlow hasn’t always been the strongest girl, but once she gets a taste of what true love really means, she finds her strength.
 Being a first time reader of this author, I was impressed with her writing and bringing the connection to life, so much so that you physically felt what these two were going through, whether it was angst, humor or anticipation. .
Can’t wait for book twoin fact I am refreshing our email every 20 minutes or so in hope that our arc will magically be there.  
Written by: unrulygirl

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