Hate To Love You by Tijan

Tijan has a way of grabbing me right at the beginning of a book and doesn’t let go…ever. Even after I have hit the inevitable end, I think about the characters and story that I just experienced. In this one I was dropped into the dorms in college, with catty ass girls, hot blooded football Gods, and one girl that wants to avoid it all. But alas, that is not how her world will play out. Not at all. In fact if you sit too close, you might feel the heat that Kennedy seems to always land in.

Shay and Kennedy had something from their very first meet. Although they tried to call it hate, it just solidified the saying thin line between love and hate. But I can’t see ever hating Shay. He was perfect. Loyal, protective, broody, clueless, and loved to banter and tease perfectly. He showed more than once how much Kennedy meant to him, she was just blinded by her own fear to realize it.

Twists, turns, denial all while keeping up grades. An addicting read from the first page. Tijan is the master at creating a cool kids club that everyone wants to be a part of. An escape into a life that has way more abs than mine does. Loved.

Written by: unrulygirl

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