Heart Of The Devil by Meghan March

Wow. Wow. We have the finale of this amazing trilogy that I absolutely LOVED, and this one was the perfect ending to the complete craziness that unfolded during each installment. You have love, hate, revenge, forgiveness, life, death, betrayal and so much more. If I am being honest I am a bit over the trilogy concept BUT this one really did the job. It delivered in every way I like my stories to unfold and I was totally won over by every character I met and connected with. Ms. March hit a grand slam with this one and Jericho Forge won my favorite male lead from this author (sorry boys!) Indy and Forge slayed as the duo that would protect each other at any and every cost. We have a Winner folks!!

PS: It’s so hard to write a review without giving anything away. You are better going in blind and totally experiencing the journey!

Written by: unrulygirl

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