Hemy by Victoria Ashley

This book should come with not only a warning but also a break in case of emergency fire hydrant to put out the fire that will erupt in your vagina.  Holy mother of burning loins, there are parts of this book that made me blush, and want to put the kindle down, but I couldn’t stop reading…it was too fucking hot!

Not only is dangerous to read in public, but also things can go horribly wrong in private…it is hard to explain the wet mark on the couch when you stand up after reading the book in one sitting! Orgasms were flying, off of every page.
Hemy was hot…raw…enjoyed an audience…and knew his heart belonged to one person, even though his dick belonged to the masses.  Onyx was broken…strong…and dedicated to the one man that had owned her heart from the beginning.  They all like some exhibitionism though…and everyone is a stripper, so pretty parallel to my life…NOT! But that my friends is why we read, to have the knowledge of how to run an extremely hot three-some just in case!  

Written by: unrulygirl

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