Hindrance by Angelica Chase

With book three I have decided I am neither #teamaiden or #teamdevin I am ONLY #teamangelica! This installment dives deeper into the quagmire that is rich people and their #99problems but morals ain’t one style of living. We meet new people, find ourselves wanting more, and then we get it we FREAK THE FUCK OUT! 
Angelica Chase has quickly become one of my favorite authors, she has completely nailed the serial series, writing in a way that not only has you banging your fists in frustration, dry humping anything available with the hot as hell scenes but also falling for these damaged characters in a way that you can excuse faults because you actually care. All within the smaller word count of a serial…pretty amazing!
I recommend her series to anyone that enjoys a wild ride of hot ass men, strong females, and twists and turns that will leave EVEN ME totally speechless. The power that words still have over me as a reader reminds me why I make time everyday to dive into my next adventure, and will have me one-clicking Ms. Chase with Every. Damn. Book. 

Written by: unrulygirl

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