How To Date A Douchebag: The Learning Hours by Sara Ney

This review will be quick and spoiler free. The pressure to do so has kept this cursor blinking on an empty document for far too long. What we have here is a book that I loved and wanted to strangle all at once. The writing was on point. As always. The back ground characters were super douches, hence the name. My issue was (staying as vague as possible) was the lack of something important for me as a reader. What was this? An air about the character that was missing to the point of frustration. Did I end up falling for said character, yes. Did it take me longer than usual? Yes. About 50% ish in to this one, I started to really connect to everyone involved.

As with all Sara Ney stories you are served up laughter, a touch of angst, and an addicting story to the end. One of my most anticipated reads of the year.

Hoping to revisit this review later to fill in the blanks after all the spoiler reviewers have ruined it for others. LOL

Written by: unrulygirl

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