In Pieces by Danielle Pearl

I was so taken in my first read In Ruins by this author. She captivated me with an angsty college romance, filled with a sexual tension I didn’t think could be matched. Wrong. Bea and David took that notion and upped the game by adding unrequited sexual tension that you could feel oozing out of the kindle pages. I am addicted to this series and this author’s words.

David is Bea’s older brother’s best friend. Not only that but a life time family friend as well. So the fact that what he feels for her goes way deeper than he feels it should, presents obstacles. Beth has had it hard. She has felt pain and unfortunately that pain has left her at times feeling overwhelmed. She made choices that ensured people watch her a little closer and held her a little tighter. One of my favorite things about this story, was watching her take control of not only her life but her feelings. Speaking up to those that had totally done her wrong. It was empowering to slowly build on the fact that what she was feeling needed to be articulated to those who deserved it.

The tension, back and forth and mystery that surrounded these two was really well done. As a reader it kept me trapped in the story, it also has me impatiently waiting for the next book from this author. Really enjoyed it.

Written by: unrulygirl

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