Into The Storm by Melanie Moreland

This book blew me away.  Having never even heard of it, I started seeing some 5 star ratings and thought what the hell..WOW!  So glad I requested Into The Storm from Netgalley.  Now I will tell anyone that listens to go and read this story.
The love they found in each other came simply..the path entered to living their happiness anything but..

One night, a severely abused woman, a detrimentally damaged man, a loving companion and a fateful spin-out on a stormy night bring two people face to face with fate. The scene was set with these few elements, a rescue on this snow filled night and a loss of memory on what had led to it.
“Rabbit” had no recollection of the events that led her into the storm that night, she knew almost everything but the recent past..she knew she despised the colors navy, black and brown.  She knew she loved coffee, she knew how to make soup, what she couldn’t recall was why she had hand-print bruises and boot sized imprints left on her body.  Other things she knew implicitly was she was safe with Joshua and Bear.

Joshua had lived a life of a complete recluse for the past couple of years. Not being able to shake the fear that would allow himself a life outside of his house and in the most recent years beyond his gate.  The thought of being “out” left him distraught and anxious.  When he finds a car smashed into one of his trees along his driveaway, he doesn’t think just reacts.  That was the most courageous and right decision he had ever made.

This book is about redeeming yourself after your self worth and physical body is left completely broken.  Karma and retributions weave there way into the tale and make for wrongs to be redeemed. That even in the darkest shadows there remains a light that can be brought out with a loving and healing touch.
Written by: unrulygirl

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