Jake Understood by Penelope Ward

I have read many books that take a popular book and write another in the male’s POV, some I have loved and others…let’s just say meh…this one falls under the category of LOVE. 

The way Ms. Ward told the story that I had already read in Jake Undone was beautiful..and fresh, not any easy task. You start off with a little heart break and worry and travel through the relationship that Jake and Nina embarked on..with new insight and understanding of why Jake was who he was, and did what he did. The guilt and responsibility that has weighed on him since he was a teen was becoming unbearable now that he found a future he wanted to live.

Nina couldn’t fully understand the why…the WHY he was gone every Saturday…the WHY he still felt so responsible for this other person…until she did. That simple gesture…that knowledge sealed their fate and made a future possible for all of them…right?

Written by: unrulygirl

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