Kick by Carmen Jenner

This was one of those books where you let out a WOW after you have finished…there was a lot that happened in a span of a couple of hundred pages. Sometimes reading between my fingers because my hands were covering my eyes. But there is always something about a damaged man, but a completely stripped down biker with a conscience (of sorts) that has him protecting damaged women…it can bring you to your knees.

Kick is not an easy read, no butterflies and rainbows in this tale. But a love all the same, finding strength in someone that is completely stripped of everything changes a person, this story personifies that.

Blood, guts, vengeance and situations that can make anyone a tad bit squeamish, but at the end of it all…whether you perceive them as victim, captor, evil or soul-mates…the heart wants what it wants and when the dust settles, blood dries and images slightly fade the one person you can’t live without; will not only be there, but will keep you standing strong. 

Written by: unrulygirl

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