Last Breath by Jen Frederick & Jessica Clare

I enjoyed Last Hit (book one in this series) and part of why I liked it was the funny quips that were made by “friend/fellow hitman” Daniel. So finding out book two was going to be his story I was in..he did NOT disappoint.  Hot, protective, loyal, and did I mention he engages in some dirty talking?

Daniel..hitman, big brother, soldier, and not looking for love.  But from the first time his eyes landed on Regan he was hooked.. Knowing what he witnessed in his rescue of her was only a taste of what she had been through after being kidnapped; he tried to keep his attraction to her on the down low.  

Regan..stolen from her solid, structured life and thrown into a horror show.  Sold into a sex slave ring..used by disgusting, smelly, gross, and violent men.  Not only was her freedom stolen from her, but her trust in humanity and anyone with a penis..  She provoked and prodded Daniel to test his trustworthiness, and loyalty.  He never wavered always proving to be true, and before long their connection was solid.

Not only did Regan not trust the outside world, she wasn’t trusting her feelings..could she fall in love while in this situation, was she losing her self-worth by doing so, and could her rescuer also be her soul-mate?  Working together, learning to trust again and seeing the love that burned only for her in Daniel’s eyes slowly helped re-build Regan to the woman she would forever be..through the violence, dirt, poverty, and bad guys managing to find love, acceptance and faith in each other was worth all the battles in the world..

For me this story was even better than the first..Daniel was such a likable hero and Regan was strong and together they were..right! Did I mention hot, dirty talking sex? Yeah..mmmmm

Written by: unrulygirl

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