Last Hit by Jessica Clare & Jen Frederick

 This book came to me when I most needed it, in just the same way the characters timing was was such a different premise than what I have been reading.  Last Hit is a love story about damaged souls that were destined to meet to heal.  I believe this with all I am..the stories they lived prior to meeting led them to each other in the exact time they needed to be united..sounds corny?  Well that is my story and I am sticking to it..

Nikolai was born a killer..he had not asked to be such he just was.  He was a skilled marksman but what he had that made him weak was empathy..why does that make you weak?  He had to prove to himself that his mark deserved to die, that this world would be a better place without this human gracing it..  This being a character attribute helps seal his place in the reader’s heart.  He is not ONLY a cold blooded killer, he has a heart even if there are many holes..

Daisy’s heart has been crushed..losing her mother at an early age due to a random act of violence, sealed her fate.  A threat was made and not only had she lost her mother but her father at that moment as well..  Locked doors, no computer, no school, no life and a twenty one year old young woman who didn’t know how to live..  Fear had taken over where love had once lived and her father was petrified of everything..  She planned her escape while still taking care of her responsibilities.. She was just a good girl with a hole in her heart as well..even if the circumstances were different..

A mark watched, a love found and a man that needed to feel the love that only one woman could completely give to him..  This story was not only of love, but forgiveness, healing and how the power of unconditional love can repair the most hardened of hearts..even a trained killers..  I loved this book and recommend it to readers of not only NA but thrillers and darkened romances..  Thank you to the authors for allowing us an early copy of Last Hit..

Written by: unrulygirl

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