Leaving Me Behind by Sigal Ehrlich

This story started a little slow for me, I enjoyed the relationships that were forming with the girls, the best friend, but I wanted..no needed was more Sebastian. Their first meet was awkward and nothing that can be forgotten easily, and each time they bump into each other we get more until we finally get it all! 
Liv is conditioned to believe the worst of herself, never seeing herself the way others do, scarred by a mother that feasts on negative has altered the way she lives, builds relationships and sees her future going. No one can love her, or stay. Sebastian realizes this right away and slowly, quietly starts to show her how he views her, not always with words but actions and truths. 
The second half of this story had me glued to my kindle, thinking the story was going one way, while the author weaved and wound it another. I was pulling for these two people to put their pasts aside and trust in what was right in front of them…

Written by: unrulygirl

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