Left Behind by Dylan Scott & Vi Keeland

Reading for me is an escape…from reality…the day in and day out…I am not a reader that questions a plot to much…I don’t look too deep into the overlay(…I do try to figure out what the hell is going on and come up with plot twists and scenarios that sometimes play out but usually are so far off the mark I’ve embarrassed myself..back to my review) and YA books for me are the perfect escape. I figured out where the journey was leading us, but it never took away from the story… First love…the butterflies of a touch, a kiss and the hearts finally finding each other…GOD I love it, when done right! Dylan Scott and Vi Keeland did it perfectly.

 This story stained my soul…left it’s mark and stayed with me long after the last page of my kindle was swiped…it is the kind of story that I gravitate to, the broken boy, the lost and hardly noticed girl that just wants to fly under the radar. Together they are electric…together they exist for the first time.  Fate can be a bitch and when she bounds into your life like a wrecking ball, all you can do is hang on enjoy the ride and hope that when all the pieces land you can find enough of them to put yourself back together.

I can’t recommend this book enough. It is worth your money, time and space in your heart that it will forever occupy! I hope Ms. Scott and Ms. Keeland continue their writing ventures and bring us more…please!


Written by: unrulygirl

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