Life In A Rut, Love Not Included by J.D. Hollyfield

Finding debut authors that make me laugh out loud, care about the characters and fall in love with not only the hot blooded male lead but the quirky female.  You meet Sarah after experiencing one of the greatest falls in book kind…she has it all a great job, boyfriend who is son of boss at great job, rich best friend that is also her roommate and funds most of their rent.  This all comes crashing down when she comes home earlier than expected and finds 2 of the three great things in her life together in a more than compromising position. 

A melt down at great job and spur of the moment resignation, no one would accuse Sarah of going out quietly…she tucks her Blaniks in her designer bag and returns to her childhood home to sulk and drink…vermouth coated pearls of wisdom from Aunt Raines, a crash meeting with a hot contractor and things start looking up? The attraction between Jack and Sarah is pretty quick and lotsa hot! 

Enjoyed the banter, friendship, life to do lists, and drunken impromptu yard sales.  Finding out what love really looks like when you are head over heels in largest rut of your life is always a great journey to embark on!!

Written by: unrulygirl

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