Little Conversations

Little ConversationsLittle Conversations by Sibylla Matilde
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This book took me on a small journey..I wanted to slap the heroine Devin in the face on many, many occasions for being weak and letting a boy (stupid boy at that) make her feel less than she is. But a part of me recognized myself and young girls growing up. I would like to think I was a bit stronger back in the day..but if I am being honest, I found my strength in my years and experience.

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Ronin on the other hand was perfect. Alpha, protective, sweet and always concerned with how something effected Dev even if it would be harder for him. He was a sexy, sweet, protective dirty talking construction boy who fell hard for the damaged young girl that walked into his house on a Saturday night. Right from the beginning he felt the need to protect Dev and that need grew into more..

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The story was good..I felt like the strength Dev found in herself happened in an honest way..but being a crazy bitch who can’t condone physical or mental abuse on anyone..I wanted the little sawed off prick to suffer way more then he did. That’s me though..always looking for brute force justice!

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