Littler Conversations by Sibylla Matilde

When a blogger first gets started we are so gung-ho and excited by every request, every detail we have a tendency to say “yes” to everyone.  Well about a year ago I was blessed to say “yes” to reading a reviewing a new author, she had written a book titled Little Conversations…and I loved it. Ronin was exactly the kind of leading man that I am drawn too…but more than that I fell hard for Sibylla Matilde. This bish can write…but even more that that I also consider her a friend…anyways enough of story time back to my review…
You pick up a few years later and Devin and Ronin are still head over heels in love and embarking on a new family adventure. This is a book that just gives you a small glimpse into the lives of two people that we had the pleasure of watching fall in love, and now build onto that. My only problem with this book is I wanted more…more Ronin, more small towels and more stories.  Novellas are not easy to get into…bonding with characters in a small time frame can be difficult, but having already fallen hard for both of these two, you are in for a nice treat a glimpse into their future, where love endures, grows and multiplies.
Lezzy kisses and hot guys forever…love ya Sib!
Written by: unrulygirl

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