Look The Part by Jewel E. Ann

I would read a “to-do” list penned by this author so I read this book without so much as reading the blurb or who it was about..so slap me twice and call me Sally, when I saw it was Flint! The broody background friend to Cage that I got bits and pieces of in One and wanted SO much more from. Well…I got it and it was fucking fantastic!

Who knew I would absolutely LOVE a story that had pet rats in it? Not this girl…but here is a small real life truth. My first pet…a rat. Named him Max. Then Max had babies and quickly became Maxine. I loved that thing with all I had. Now as an adult, NOPE. But I digress….back to my glowing review.

Ms. Jewel E. Ann has quickly become an auto read author for me. After reading When Life Happened I was HOOKED. I quickly began one-clicking all of her books. Reading and losing myself in her words. She doesn’t disappoint and this one is no exception. The real life tragedies that can plague and blacken a perfect life. The sadness and guilt that can take a once happy man that had life by the balls and turn him into a real life scrooge. The happy girl that bangs on drums, strums guitars and slowly brings light back into a life that was simply existing…drowning in the day to day without enjoying the brilliance that life can deliver. Words that heal, slay, create and help you fall head over heels in love with everyone you meet. Totally enjoyed this one and wish I could go back and experience everyone of this author’s books for the first time again and again. I can’t wait for more.

Written by: unrulygirl

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