Lost and Found by Megan Fields

At a young age Ella realized what love was…when that love walked away and didn’t come back like he promised…she went looking for it, what she found was NOT the same…taken hostage by someone she had given her trust to, she was brutalized in the worst way and lost herself along the way…
Not being able to trust men, her own desires and instincts she was saved by a friend that dominated in the world of BDSM…with her help Ella found not only herself, but slowly began to trust her instincts again…but only if she was in complete control of her surroundings.  One chance stop at a café and her first love was standing in front of her…not sure if she can trust him, herself or what he would think of her new life…she ran!
But her past was suddenly slamming into her present and she couldn’t hide from Jack…he was not taking no for an answer.  Realizing the feelings from long ago were still front and center, these two have to navigate not only their emotions but the need for control that Ella has and the lifestyle she leads.  What does this equal? Hot..hot..hot! A woman in control and a man that just needs her and is willing to rise to the occasion of submission…enjoyed the story, the friendships and the finding a compromise that will lead to a whips and flogger happily ever after!
**Thank you to the author for gifting us an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review**
Written by: unrulygirl

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