Make Me Bad by R.S. Grey

At 42% I fell hard…I am completely and utterly in love with…Madison. My heart soars and breaks for her with every word. Her strength and naivety strike me to the cord. She is simply, quiet perfection that I want to protect and send flying at the same time. I just adore her. Ben is so similar to her in a more manufactured way, his thoughts are aligned with the Maddie I love but his exterior doesn’t show the pain. I am screaming at my kindle (right now, I literally had to stop reading to write this) that they just need to tell each other who they really are, but that would end the book and I am NOT ready for that. SO I read on….

I have SO much love for this adorable story. It fed my romance loving heart. R.S. Grey has a knack for writing words that weave themselves right into the fabric of my soul. Simple. Perfect. All the while connecting me to these sweet, comfort seeking creatures as if they are friends that I know…not fictional characters that I just want to know. Bravo once again Ms. Grey.


Fan for life…

aka Dawn

Written by: unrulygirl

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