Misappropriate by Kathryn Kelly

I fell hard for Christopher “Outlaw” Caldwell in Misled…his incomplete sentences and use of every bad word in the urban dictionary made my heart swell…and getting more of his and Meggie’s story is always a good thing…BUT this is not a novella at over 3K on my kindle. Let’s just call it a novel and move on!

Drama and MC clubs seem to go hand in hand and when his newest threat comes to town, Outlaw knows he needs to bring all his badassness front and center.  What he doesn’t realize is ignoring his wife and pretending all is well isn’t going to sit well with her.

Meggie and Christopher realize that they are IT for each other, but insecurities and jealousy from a life before can always cloud what you know to be true.  This story takes us on a journey towards a church (nto MC church…God church) wedding, while bikers will be bikers and mothers will be just as bad ass!
Enjoyed it!!

Written by: unrulygirl

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