My First M/M Read..Eight Second Cowboy by Piper Kay

I have a couple of quotes that I live my life is “never say never”  this one came in handy with reading my first M/M book with my friend and co-blogger Tara..  We were some of the last of the 11 of us to “pop our cherry.” so to speak!  Some of us on the blog will keep their “cherries” forever I

This book was the perfect introduction into this literary genre that I had yet to explore.  The boys in this book were rodeo hotties that tight roped a fine line between love and hate for each other.  The feelings that were being brought to the forefront of Matt’s libido were foreign and made him question his entire sexuality.  Matt is a rough and tumble bull riding cowboy, so why was he having sexual fantasies about his rival on the tour Lance..  He hated Lance, right? 

  “He’s still watching me too.  It’s making me horny, I can feel my dick start to throb.  I’ve never reacted this way before, not from anyone, not from just the way someone looks at me.” Matt

Lance was portrayed as the hot, rope yielding, womanizing cowboy and the reality behind the facade was a man that preferred..well men!  Aren’t all the good ones..gah!  Anyways, Lance started to see the burn behind the wall that Matt had fully erected around his heart.  Could two cowboys find their true selves in the lifestyle that surrounded them?  Well read it and find out..  

 “He rams me harder, as one of his hands leave my ass check and he squeezes around my hand, helping me stroke myself.”

This was an easy read and felt like a toe in the water for this genre..I am not totally convinced it is a genre I can read on a regular basis, but I am adding to my TBR list and not judging a book by it’s cover..

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