Netgalley Review Torn From You by Nashoda Rose

This book took me from first love butterflies to dirty heart wrenching hate in a matter of pages.  From first times to deep down what the fuck moments that will stay with me long after turning the last page.

Emily was an inexperienced girl that was just looking for someone to teach her how to defend herself.  She found Sculpt, a fighter, an upcoming rock star and a  hottie (score) to teach her defense.  Little did she know that what he taught her would come in handy to survive him.

Logan (aka Sculpt, I just can’t use that name) was hearts and butterflies until he wasn’t and then daggers and maggots would be an easier way to describe him.  Through the entire ordeal I was just never sold on Logan being the ultimate bad guy that he was intent on looking like.

Being a reader that tends to fall for the asshole, brooding and often broken lead male..Logan fit the mold perfectly.  Along with his total disregard for the situation Em had found herself in..there was always  a protective way about him.

A dark love story that follows the path of both  Em and Logan in their journey to find their way back to each other and the truth that was there all along.

This  book does deal with a love that is not your usual fairytale but a dark and gritty life..where the only bright light offered is the ultimate sacrifice it will take to meet together at the end..
Written by: unrulygirl

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