No Place Like Home by Deanna Holland

I really enjoyed this book, so much so that I read it in a quick sitting.  A broken girl, with no family, friends or place to goturning 18 in the “system” is often the beginning of the end and having only known bad, she wasn’t looking forward to her future
A meeting with her social worker, a slice of pizza, a connection and her luck looks like it may be changing.  Having only ever been given the shit end of the stick, Jules doesn’t know how to operate in a family.  Assuming the worst in herself and the intentions of others is a hard habit to break, but learning her worth and finding her way was a journey I really enjoyed.

Not knowing how to accept love and recognize friendship that doesn’t cost you anything is a difficult way to live.  Jules finds herself in the chocolate brown eyes of a boy that she doesn’t realize can deliver her happily ever after

Jake has known heart-ache, but he also knows love and when he finds the girl of his dreams, he isn’t sure he will ever see her againso life rolls on untilshe is there!  Together these two slay demons, and find true friendship and what it means to find your self completely

Loved the friendships, the banter and watching a broken girl become whole and find her strength through independence and the love of others
Written by: unrulygirl

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