Nothing Personal by Karina Halle

I do love me a lighter read from Karina Halle, although she was introduced to me in a grittier, darker arena, I have found her more contemporary stories to be more my fit. This one was cute, and some funny moments but for me it fell a tad bit short and left it feeling a little contrived for me. Usually when I fall into a Ms. Halle story I connect quickly, and feel everything. I didn’t find myself doing that, I felt a little forced into believing this was Nova’s level 10 heartbreak and I just had to believe it was. She had her walls in place for love but also a tad bit for the reader to connect to her as well. I don’t know if that makes sense? But it is what it is. Did I love Kessler? YES. Did I want for them through-out the book? YES. I do love me a single dad, enemies to loves, office romance and it did check all those boxes. I was happily sated at the end. I did crack a smile or two, so overall it was a win win. It just missed a couple of components for ME as a reader. It did make me want to return to Hawaii (first visit this last July) and live amongst the cocks and coconuts. Enjoyed.

Written by: unrulygirl

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