Only Love by Melanie Harlow

Leave it to Melanie Harlow to slay me with the perfectly tortured bad boy with a fucking heart of gold that is just existing in the shadows…until he meets his light. I LOVED THIS STORY. I was excited to get Stella’s story. Her and Buzz didn’t seem to be a “fit” and I knew she was set to find her HEA but how it all went about and the changing of the POV’s kept me so connected and smiling throughout the entire book. Melanie Harlow is a MUST read author for me and Only Love only helped solidify the why…heart, engaging, friendships and a crazy gram that knows when two people are meant for each other. Both of these characters displayed honor, strength and love that was absolutely immediate. A wounded soul, a hero, the family and friends that helps pull it all together. I can’t say enough about this one.

Written by: unrulygirl

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