Open Your Eyes by Jani Kay

Open Your EyesOpen Your Eyes by Jani Kay
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Holy emotional rollercoaster..WOW! Full review to follow..

5 Beautifully Broken Stars

When I finished this book last night I was wiped..emotionally! This story takes you on a journey and leaves you with an exclamation mark of an epilogue.

When done right a story about a couple over their 40’s is just some of my favorite stuff to read..did I lose the kiddos already? This romance is written in dual POV’s which is my favorite way to connect with a book. And as we all know I am always looking for the connection.

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This book spoke to me on many different levels. For one finding love after feeling neglected and unworthy for years. To go from feeling self conscience and shy to beautiful and enraptured is a true testament of what the love of a good man can do for ones soul. Natalie was a mother and wife her whole life and when her husband decided she wasn’t “good” enough anymore, she was resigned to live the rest of her life as a mother. Then a trip to NY over the holidays changes everything. A connection that can’t be denied and wakes a part of her that may have never even been. The spark led to more and right when the story was going my way..

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Some readers will not understand the choices that Natalie made. I however am not one of those people. When you all you know and have loved forever is right where you have always wanted them it’s hard to walk away. Choices made not only for your own self preservation but for the heart and souls of our children. As a mother my choice would most likely look the same..
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“Open your eyes so I can see what you’re feeling. It’s OK I won’t hurt you.”

“For a moment there I thought you didn’t want me, little one. But your eyes tell me everything I need to know.”

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Nick has never been lucky in love. Always cheated out of the full experience. He has given up on the notion that a future with the love of his life lives on the horizon..until he sees a beautiful woman with eyes filled with sadness and heartache. Drawn to her in a way that he has never been before, he approaches and his life will never look the same.
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“I want my dessert now, I want to taste your sweet nectar.”

“So fucking wet,” he growled as his tongue licked over me.”


The sexual chemistry was spot on with Nick and Natalie and the way that can seem to catch a break was so perfect. When you are constantly sneaking around trying to grab a quickie you tend to get good at it. This I know from experience..

The way this story developed made absolute sense to me..did I want to throw my precious Kindle at times? Um hell yes..but like I said sometimes in life the road to finally get to our HEA is paved with what we have to do. It just makes the journey that much more of a life adventure.
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