Out of Love by Jewel E. Ann





Okay here I go again, trying to write a review that encompasses the amount with which I loved this book. Words are used in this book that infuriate, connect, make me smile, evoke feelings from 0-100, broke my heart, mended it, fell in love with a dog, fell in love with a monster, made me want to surf (and I DO NOT do oceans, there’s a story behind it) and completely fall head over heels with every single character within the pages…and yet I can’t articulate it. I’ve said it before, but it needs repeating…Jewel E. Ann is mutha fn genius. Her books are different, masterfully written gems right there on Amazon waiting for all the readers. She baits you with intelligent banter, fools you into thinking your reader heart is safe, when in reality danger lurks for all your FEELS, all while making you fall in love with fictional characters that you know have to be real. GENIUS. I swear. Out of Love is a branch off of one of my very favorite series EVER, the Jack and Jill Series and it has the same suspense, meaning, love, and protective loyalty that made me fall in love with the series to begin with. Twist, turns, bad guys, good guys and everything in between. If you have yet to experience it, DO IT NOW. You will not regret a second of it. This series is awe inspiring, intelligently written, bad assness that falls under the category of MUST READ NOW. Thank you JEA for spoiling us with your words. Keep that shit up. xo



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