Pride and Papercuts by Staci Hart







I love this series and I totally enjoyed this twofer romance. Staci Hart has such an eloquent way of writing and truly making me feel smarter with her words. Her descriptions and word usage is of the HIGHEST quality and let’s be honest it has me fucking using the tap for word meaning on my kindle more than once. I close a Ms Hart book with a smile and the satisfaction of knowing I am smarter than when I started. I love an intelligent read, an author that can connect with you romance and entice you with knowledge. Bravo my beautiful soul, bravo!! These kids were oil and water, and lightning hot all at once. They blended and broke in the same sentence. The harshness of both of their personalities has you on the edge of your seat with admiration and tension…I fucking love it. Read this series. It’s addicting, sweet, heart-wrenching, all the things we as romance addicts love to love. xo
Written by: unrulygirl

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