Prove Me Right by Anna Brooks

Being a fan of this series, I was anxiously waiting for this story. Meara and Liam were background through-out the other books. They have loved each other forever, and have lived their love separately. Liam living the rock-star life, while Meara held down the home-front getting ready to takeover her parents pub. Throughout it all though they loved each other, stayed true to that love but distance has a way of rearing it’s ugly head in other ways.

Liam has always known the dark side of living. His father doesn’t think enough of his own life to live it better. So as a good son, he would often stop by to clean up, check on his health and well being, always knowing in the back of his mind this was no way to live. Knowing and experiencing are two different things. Loving his band, but wanting to start his life with Meara, to have simple things like a bed to sleep in every night are dreams he is wanting to live now.

Meara has always loved Liam. It was written on her soul before she even fully knew what love was. She stayed true, supportive and was his biggest fan…but the insecurities and fears were present, even with the trust she had in her other half…she feared the worst. Living under a spotlight has it’s downfalls and Liam lived through a scary episode. Meara was there for him…but if the past was coming back could she be strong enough to see it again? Beautiful once in a lifetime story that I flew through and enjoyed thoroughly. Can’t wait for the next story.

Written by: unrulygirl

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