Rage by Elizabeth Reyes

In all honesty this book took me a while to get into. One reason was the POV, I struggle with the third person writing style. I don’t seem to connect as quickly. The other reason was the first 20% was quite repetitive. It was she doesn’t date baseball players, he has a temper…back and forth. Once these two connected and the story gelled it was much easier to connect with.

I wanted to see Clair and Addison get their happily ever after. The keeping the birth father a secret didn’t sit well with me. Knowing how Andres felt about secrets, I felt she should have told him once they got into the love territory. He deserved to know. Kudos to me, I knew who the douche bag was the whole time.

Watching Rage fall in love with Clair and then Addi was a treat. I enjoyed the story. This was my first read by this author, I would read her again.

Written by: unrulygirl

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